There is a cancer in our government. People have been talking about the cancer of partisanship for years… how our lawmakers can’t work together so nothing gets done. People say our country has become more and more fractured with each administration and it has been going on for years… that Americans haven’t been united since World War II. Perhaps, for a short while, we came together in unity and anger after 911, to support the families of the victims and the first responders. Maybe we all talked about anger toward the Taliban or Extremists.  For a while.

Today’s cancer has metastasized, affecting the very soul of our nation.  In my eight decades on this earth, I have never seen such hate and vitriol being expressed from Americans at Americans.  I used to think politics was a vehicle by which we determined our leaders, a flawed but workable system. In the last four years, I have watched, quite nervously, how it has metamorphosized into government itself. The four hundred bills sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk (the grim reaper, as he likes to be called) is a brilliant example of this.

Our current president does nothing without politics/elections in mind. And from my point of view, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. When Donald Trump was first elected, I was not happy. I did not vote for him, for very personal reasons.

I wasn’t angry or scared, either. I cannot say the same today.  His mob mentality has turned our form of government into something I can neither recognize nor name.  Some people on the left refer to it as an autocracy, or even a monarchy. That was exactly the kind of government our forefathers left Europe and England to escape.  That was the genesis of the Constitution and everything in it… to ensure that we, as Americans, would not have to live under the tyranny of leadership that was single-minded and corrupt.

After observing what happened in the Special Counsel investigation and having read the entire subsequent report, I cannot understand why Mr. Trump is still governing.  The White House Counsel alone could provide just one impeachable act, that was so egregious, and so corrupt that even our fidget spinning, complicit GOP Senators would not be able to acquit.  But since the White House and AG Barr have successfully obstructed Congress, and because complicit Senators like Lindsey Graham who refused to even read the report, and Mitch McConnell who so deftly maneuvers his Senate, nobody heard Don McGann’s testimony.

Then came the President’s foibles with our international relations. How can Americans with any memory of history, and any sense of what’s going on in the real world, stomach Trump’s relationships with tyrants like Kim, Putin Erdogan and the like?  He has bashed NATO… this is an alliance that was created after WWII based on never allowing another despot like HITLER to rise to power again… by covering each other’s back in international relations.  Donald Trump puts a price tag on everything and doesn’t even know the history or purpose of NATO.  Yet he is trying to break up the Alliance…. The beneficiary????  Vladimir Putin.

Let’s talk about Ukraine. I don’t even need to go into details. All I need to say is this. Mitch McConnell led his FIDGET SPINNING GOP COMPLICIT Senators down a rabbit hole, convincing them all to acquit the President in his Impeachment trial, without witnesses or documents.  ONE senator had the guts to speak truth to power; many of the other admitted his guilt, but still voted to acquit.

The Cancer has killed our democratic republic. The one thing was had that made this country strong is gone. Instead, we have a cheating, lying fascist at the helm, who we now know, again, is cheating in the 2020 Presidential race.

For those who still support Donald Trump, I suggest you take a look in the mirror. Check your own morals and ethics.  If you are okay with cheating, vote for him. If you don’t care that he has lied to you all along about his money, his ties to Russia, and so much more, then vote for him. If the fact that his raping of 13-year-old with Jeffrey Epstein doesn’t bother you (remember that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered before he could face the charges), take a look at your own daughter or niece, and vote for Trump. If you believe that immigration is a bad thing, go visit the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island. Read the poem at the base. Realize that we are ALL immigrants except indigenous American Indians.  Then vote for Trump.  AND IF YOU THINK THE ECONOMY IS GOOD, ASK YOURSELF WHY PRESIDENT TRUMP NEVER TALKS ABOUT THE DEFICIT…. HE JUST BLEW IT UP OVER A TRILLION…. THE LARGEST EVER, AND HE HAS MORTGAGED YOUR FUTURE.  Ask him too, why he won’t show you charts from 2008?  He only shows you charts from his presidency and tells you HE DID it. Go the government website and find out the TRUTH, that the economic recovery started under OBAMA, and the last three years of Obama’s administration was better than the first three of Trumps in economic growth.

In a few years, the media that he has been bashing (much like Hitler and Goebbels did in the 1930’s) unfolds the truth, the whole truth to you, you may have some regrets.  But for now, keep on hating, and vote for Trump.

If you think that the Senators and Representatives who have blindly supported him are clean too, before you vote for them too, do a little research in places other than Fox News or on Alt Right resources. How Fox News is allowed to continue to foist propaganda and conspiracy theories, I don’t understand. Having studied journalism and mass communications, their blatant misuse of the airwaves is an abomination. Every time a real, honest journalist emerges, the President squawks and that journalist is fired.

Unfortunately, I am preaching to the choir, I am sure. I used to consider myself a centrist. My attitude about each issue was fully researched from every side and I made up my own mind. I found myself to fall on the liberal side socially, and on the conservative side fiscally… but this administration may well be the end of the GOP. They are far from conservative, fiscally.

This cancer has spread to my marriage, because I’m married to someone who believes all of the propaganda fed by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. This person who I thought I knew and loved has become so defensive, that even if I only want to know where we should go for dinner, I get snapped at. Like every other Trump Republican, if I challenge Trump, rather than hearing a defense, I get an attack on Obama or Hillary…. Usually half-baked conspiracy theories for which there is no evidence.

I trust that our Democracy will prevail, somehow. I gave my spouse an ultimatum about talking down to me about my politics.

Lastly, I am taking care of my mother who actually does have cancer. She’s 88.  She has lung cancer and emphysema. You know what? After all my ranting and raving about politics, I realize her well-being is the only thing I really care about.