Two Lost Souls (coming in October, 2023)

Where do the souls go of unborn children, whether from miscarriage or abortion? Sophie had wanted to start a family badly, and lost her mind after a second miscarriage. So much so, the she began having nightmares and hearing voices. Her obsession to find the answer led her to study and then teach religion… If she couldn’t find the answer, maybe her students could?

A Life, Well… Lived!

(Re-released with a fresher ending and a lower price!)

What would happen if you had the chance to live your entire life with all the wisdom of age? No impetuous mistakes, no turns down the wrong road… Dana Gordon gets that chance before its too late through an unexpected accident.  A new kind of awakening…

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Nick was willing to go to any lengths to be with his high school crush, Jeanie. Some would say he had an unhealthy obsession with her, but he had dreamt about this his whole adult life. He didn’t think it was unhealthy. He had only wished it had come sooner.

Some would say, you should be careful what you wish for.

$ 11.95

Voices from the Ledge!

Have you ever felt so desperate or so depressed that you felt like giving up? Be honest, now, did you ever say to yourself, “I’m probably worth more dead than alive?”

Julie suffered from Empty Nest Syndrome. She had been forced into early retirement while her husband had hit the pinnacle of his career. She was lost. What she didn’t know was that her depression was normal.

But Julie had a plan. She was going to end her misery, however, in the execution of it, a remarkable thing happened.  She meets four women who were at the same hotel on a girl’s get away.  They have a very strange impact on her. $11.95 Paperback

$ 4.99 Kindle

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Okay, So I Lied!

Remember a time when knew exactly what you wanted in life? Jill Kelly knows! The problem is, she doesn’t have the support of her family, as they want her to follow family tradition and become a doctor. She wants to be a rock star!

Read what happens when one resorts to lying time after time to achieve ones goals.  It can take you down some treacherous paths. And remember, that the truth shall set you free.  Sort of…

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