I Never Win Anything

I have entered, to my count, over seven thousand contests in my lifetime. I played the lottery (not including scratch tickets) over eighteen hundred times, and I’ve even entered some talent contests. My latest try was to enter a drawing for tickets to see Hamilton for ten dollars a ticket because Alexander Hamilton’s picture appears on the ten dollar bill.

No luck.

I did, once, win concert tickets to see James Taylor on a call in radio show. I had already seen him in concert seven times. That was fine, because at least I won something.

Stay with me here… Four weeks ago, I ran a Giveaway contest on Amazon. I couldn’t even get enough people to enter the contest to win the two prizes! All the entrants had to do was follow me on my Amazon Author page. I did gain over two hundred followers, but that wasn’t enough to give even one copy of my latest book, “Voices from the Ledge,” away. if you entered the contest in good faith, and you started following me on Amazon, then you should be seeing this post. If so, please send me a note at : judith@jtfisherauthor.com. The first three response I receive will still win a signed copy of the book. You win, I win, we all win together. All I ask is that you read the book and write a quick review.

Good luck.