From Jello to Pudding

When one spends an inordinate amount of time, effort and passion working toward a multi-faceted end, with many working parts and myriad stumbling blocks, it is inevitable that this person will begin to feel a sense of frustration… like nailing Jello to a wall.

When, in that situation, nothing comes to fruition as a result of the stumbling blocks and the many “working” parts, frustration turns to exasperation… like nailing Jello to the wall.

When the working parts and the people behind them show no encouragement or faith that the multi-faceted end, or any part thereof with ever come to completion, that exasperation evolves into vexation… like nailing Jello to a wall.

When, in the course of performing whatever tasks it takes to achieve an end in any area, there is rarely any positive feedback, but a wealth of criticism and disparagement, that vexation progresses, quite quickly into anger… like nailing Jello to a wall.

When one is filled with frustration, exasperation, vexation and anger, there’s nothing left to do but switch to pudding.

My novels are my pudding.