Why I Write!

In the last few years, so much has happened in the news and in my life that I’ve gone through my own personal metamorphosis… It was at that point in my life, a year and half ago, that I realized that I had much less time ahead of me than I had behind me, and I wasn’t about to waste another moment being quiet, because I finally, in middle-age, have found my voice.
So I wrote a novel for women; to let them know that everything that happened in their lives is what made them who they are, whether they were bad things or good things; that it is okay to talk about these things and tell someone who can help; that you are not alone.
Rita Coolidge said (and unfortunately I have to paraphrase because I don’t remember her exact words), that you can either let these things stop you in your tracks or you can grow from them. In middle age, I decided to grow from them. This was the impetus for “A Life, Well… Lived!”
My second book, “Okay, So I Lied!” is the story of a young woman who knew what she wanted and was willing to do anything to get it, even if it meant lying to those she loved. Her lies took her many places, many of which were unpleasant, as is the case with many or most lies. When she comes clean… well, you have to read it to find out.
I am currently working on my third novel. Stay tuned!